Gipsy Hill Beers have just arrived – taste the range.

Head east along the Gipsy Road from West Norwood and you will find that London has a new craft brewery. Lifting their name directly from their local area, and with beers called Beatnik Pale Ale & Southpaw Amber – these upfront, flavour-packed ales are absolute London craft beers to the core. They first came to our attention when we visited Craft Beer Rising last year where Gipsy Hill’s Hepcat Session IPA won Best light IPA in show. An impressive accolade and especially so when we learned these guys have only been going since 2013. Our brief research discovered that the trio of owner / brewers at Gipsy Hill quit their day jobs after hatching their plans over a few pints at their local. A brave move we’d say, but they aren’t the first we’ve heard of following this route and we’re certain they won’t be the last either!

Our favourites have to be their Les Gilles Belgian Dubbel (6.5% and conditioned over sour cherries) and their Day Tripper APA (with added orange peel thrown into the mash).

To celebrate their new arrival at Noble Green, we’ll have a full range of Gipsy ales open for tasting tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 11th).  See you there!

Autumn Wine & Spirit Tastings


Our autumn tasting event season is well under way with sell out events already booked – so it’s time to announce two more tastings for the calendar. Regulars may have noticed that our specialist spirits range has grown some what over the last year or so. And with this comes a regular question – ‘What’s the difference between Cognac & Armagnac’? In typical Noble Green tradition we thought the best way to answer this was to host an evening tasting comparing the two regions. Aside from a lot of fun, we’ll let you decide which region you prefer when the evening finishes.

The second tasting on our upcoming tasting calendar is ‘Double Deutsche’ – our very first celebration of German wine and regional food. Whilst many might be familiar with German food, their wines remain an enigma to many – and we think that this is real shame especially given the ‘world beaters’ we’ve tasted of late! All we’ll say is, if you think you know German wine, then think again!


Tickets are £15 per person.

Our capacity for each of these events is just 16 people, so you’ll need to be quick to avoid disappointment.

How do I book?

Online: Scroll down and follow the links to book via our blog.

Call us: T: 020 8979 1113

Visit us instore: 153-155 High Street, Hampton Hill, TW12 1NL



Mention German wine and we’ll usually get a common reaction! But, whilst we’ve been looking the other way for the past few years, Germany has been quietly getting on with things. Whilst it’s true that this country has always produced world class wines, younger generations are now blending  new techniques with new grape varieties and the latest technology. The result? Red wines that rival those of Burgundy (that’s right!) and whites that would shame some New World regions.  A pretty good starting point for this evenings tasting as we explore German reds and whites with their food pairings. Whilst we’re still working on the tasting sheet – German cheese, sausage, spaetzle and rustic breads are all front running candidates.   Your hosts for this evening is the leading German specialist ABS Wine Agency.





Armagnac or Cognac – what’s the difference? It’s an often asked question and one that we intend to get to the bottom of in tonight’s tasting. Whilst both these famous brandy producing regions neighbour the historically important Bordeaux trading region – the English favoured Cognac pushing Armagnac into the shade. Times are changing though and more of us are discovering that both regions offer terrific depth, quality and individual styles.

And so to tonight’s tasting – don’t just take our word for it as we pitch Cognac against Armagnac in paired tastings. We’ll let you be the judge! We’ll also be serving complimentary regional ‘nibbles’ on the evening. Your host will be Scott Paine from spirits specialist Marussia Beverages.





Meet the Brewer – Autumn Series


UPDATE – 30th September 2015

Our current Meet the Brewer series is now sold out. However, if you’ve missed out due to the speed at which the tickets, do give us a call and we can add you to our reserve list (T: 020 8979 1113)

‘Meet the Brewer’ – three words that usually set the telephones ringing at Noble Green! When it comes to sheer speed of ticket sales, we’d like to think that our twice yearly event gives Glastonbury a run for its money! So, it’s on to your starters blocks as we announce our autumn 2015 series of Meet the Brewer. Joining us will be iconic US craft brewer Brooklyn, multi award winning Oakham Ales and new startup and locals Kew Brewery.

These are fun, standing only evenings where you’ll have a chance to sample a full range of ales (and quite often experimental or new brews too) alongside an informal presentation about the brewery. Questions from participants always welcome!


Tickets are £10 per evening, or £25 for all three.

How do I book?

Online: follow the ticket links below and we’ll post the tickets on.

By phone: T: 020 8979 1113

Instore: 153-155 High Street, Hampton Hill, TW12 1NL


We’re a big store, but we are limited on numbers and these events always sell out. We’d advise booking quickly to avoid disappointment. Please also note that due to high demand, tickets are non-refundable unless we are able to resell your place prior to the event. 

We look forward to seeing you on the evening.


Brooklyn Brewery

Tuesday 13th October at 7.30pm

Widely credited with kick-starting the US craft beer revolution, Brooklyn’s evolution from a ‘home brew experiment’ to an international icon is remarkable. It’s hardly surprising given the quality, depth and innovation  their beers display to this day. Still an independent brewery, Brooklyn consistently  rank as Noble Green best sellers. Tonight’s evening is presented by Rachel Weseloh, Brooklyn’s UK Brand Ambassador.



Kew Brewery

Tuesday 3rd November at 7.30pm

Kew might just be one of London’s newest breweries & their beers have only just landed at Noble Green. Located just a mile from Kew Gardens, their craft beers draw on a philosophy of sustainability & locality. Unfined and made with UK sourced ingredients these are pure brews with character.  We’re rather excited about this brewery!



Oakham Ales

Tuesday 17th November at 7.30pm

Oakham Ales must rank as our customers most requested brewery of all time, so it was great to see their arrival at Noble Green this year.  Oakham may only be less than ten years old, but they’ve scooped both Champion Ale at the Great British Beer Festival (Citra) and CAMRA Supreme Winter Ale (Attila). What more can we say other than, unsurprisingly Oakham now sit at the top of our best sellers chart!



Complete Series Ticket

This is the only ticket you’ll need if you want to experience our Meet the Brewer evenings as a complete series. Not only will you save a fiver, but you’ll guarantee a spot at each of these popular evenings.